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      KCS and MindTouch

      Learn more about Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®) methodology and how MindTouch supports KCS to enable rapid content creation across organizations just like yours.

      What is KCS?

      KCS is a methodology for agile knowledge management from the Consortium for Service Innovation (CSI). Organizations adopt KCS to integrate the creation and improvement of knowledge content directly into their existing processes to get the best answers into the hands of those who need it. The goal? To provide the best possible customer experience by solving problems as fast as possible.

      According to the CSI, KCS has the power to improve time to resolution by 50-60%, enable low-effort customer self-service, and support excellent customer experiences. Learn more about KCS at Consortium for Service Innovation.

      Deliver knowledge at the speed of now

      How does KCS work?

      Customers interact with your company every single day. Each interaction is an opportunity to learn, improve, and become more efficient. Capturing the knowledge created during these interactions is what KCS is all about. The methodology invites contributors from across your entire organization to author, improve, and reuse content. The result is a living, breathing knowledge repository that continuously evolves based on real customer demand.

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      Double Loop Process

      KCS methodology itself is based on a Double Loop Process: the Solve loop, comprised of Capture, Structure, Reuse, and Improve; and the Evolve loop, comprised of Content Health, Process Integration, Performance Assessment, Leadership & Communication. Within a KCS organization, knowledge content is constantly passing through this double loop, creating a self-correcting body of organizational knowledge.

      How does MindTouch enable KCS?

      As one of only a few KCS v6 Verified products, MindTouch is designed to align with and support KCS principles and core concepts. We built technology to support the eight KCS practices directly into our product.

      As a standalone knowledge platform, MindTouch can be used alongside any CRM. Through our seamless Salesforce integration, you can bring the MindTouch experience directly into the agent’s workflow so that they never have to leave the CRM. In addition, MindTouch serves as a robust self-service experience for your customers so that the knowledge created by your agents can be used to solve any issue your customers encounter.

      Enhanced authoring process

      Enhanced authoring process

      with confidence, visibility, and flagging

      Faster Time to Publish

      Faster time to publish

      to any audience with auto-indexing for search

      Content templates

      Page templates

      for consistent and predictable structure

      Improved findability

      Improved findability

      with Guided Content Framework and intelligent search

      Advanced analytics

      Advanced analytics

      for understanding contributions and user behavior

      MindTouch Capture Manager

      MindTouch Capture Manager

      allows agents and internal team members to quickly capture and maintain knowledge

      See how Waters Corporation drives its KCS initiative

      Learn how Waters leverages MindTouch to implement KCS and fill their knowledge base with content in the voice and understanding of their customers.


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      Map KCS processes directly to your customer journey

      Our KCS v6 Certified trainers and practitioners can help your organization determine if KCS is a good fit, launch a new KCS program, or add KCS to your existing MindTouch deployment. What makes MindTouch different is our outside-in approach: we first examine the external customer journey and recommend internal KCS processes that directly serve your customer’s needs.

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      KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

      MindTouch provides training with certified KCS experts

      MindTouch featuring Electrolux

      See the MindTouch Platform in Action

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